Next Group Starts 19th October

Thousands of lives changed through 8 Week Lean. 
How they have torched fat, built muscle and now live the lifestyle they are proud of using our simple techniques.

The ultimate online coaching platform
Next group starts 19th October 2020
  • Want to shift those extra lbs? 
  • Fancy turning the clock back a few years & those clothes to fit again?
  • Want to take some time back for yourself? 
  • Want to remain healthy for you and the family? 
  • Sick of the cycle of fad dieting? 
  • Struggle with time and fitting it all in? 
  • Want to actually learn about nutrition and fitness?
  • Want someone to keep you accountable? 
  • Want to move freely with less aches and pains? 
  • Need a program which is quick, simple and really effective?
  • Want to feel like you again? 
  • Ready to feel happier, more positive, energetic?
The Elite coaching plan for long term 
Reach your goals with 8WL 
Be held accountable every step of the way by your coach. 
1-2-1 full coaching and a full nutrition education course.  
Thousands of people have transformed their lives with 8 Week Lean.
We achieve what many others miss out on!
Long term sustainable results! 
We work on changing the mindset, we focus on behaviour change and we educate you to the highest standard so you understand what you are doing and why. 

All so you can sustain it long term! 
Commando trained coaches! 
Elite Nutritionists and mindset coaches
All at your disposal.
If you want to look and feel your best.... 
Come and be trained by the best!

Over 100 5* Reviews 

Sign up for only £100
* Spaces limited
  • 1-2-1 Coaching
  • Full 8 Week Nutrition course 
  • Accountability
The no bullshit approach to long term success!
You will learn everything you need to know about nutrition, fitness & lifestyle to succeed for the long term!
Sign up for only £100
* Spaces limited
Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
The 8 Week plan that can be done at home, gym or anywhere!
I care about long term success and teaching people how to enjoy life while still getting the results they want. 
What you get with 8 Week Lean is a fully personalised plan & the education to make the decisions yourself. 
This isn't like the majority of fitness plans where I tell you to follow this plan step by step. 
Tell you what to eat each meal. 
Tell you to spend 5 hours a week doing cardio to 'burn fat' 
Tell you load of bullshit to pull the wool over your eyes and keep you guessing. 

Now giving someone a meal plan for 8 weeks is easy... You get results, they get photos & social proof to build up their status... 

Now I'm not bothered by this, I genuinely want to help people. 
So I don't give out meal plans (but I get better results than people who give out meal plans).

Why is this?

Because I actually give a shit about the people who come and join me.
I want to give you enough information, education and make it as enjoyable as possible so you will stick to it long term. 

I educate you every step of the way, I break down loads of bullshit you've been told previously and better still I get amazing results. 


I understand life gets in the way. 
I understand you're busy.
I understand you don't have hours to prepare.
I understand you don't have unlimited time to train.
I understand you don't want to be boring and eat just brocolli & chicken.
I understand you may not be able to get to the gym.
That's why 8 Week Lean is here
Full personalised nutrition & coaching plan.
Full 8 Week Nutrition course - explains all evidence based nutrition to work around you.
3 * 20 minutes workouts per week, can be done at home, gym or anywhere!
1-2-1 Check ins & catch ups.
Massive support network.
Access to Personal trainers, nutritionists, life coaches at the touch of a button.
I understand that some of us cannot get to the gym, can't get to classes & don't have a lot of time.
So if you can't get to the gym.
I will bring the gym to you!
- Boot camps
- Raverobics classes
- Body conditioning classes
- 10 minute body weight HiiT sessions
- Yoga classes
All as an added bonus for 8 Week Lean members.
8 Week Lean makes success easy!
I make nutrition easy to follow and implement.
All foods are allowed.
Nothing is off limits.
We work on mindset!
We work on success!
We work progressively! 

  • 8 Week Nutrition course 
  • 1-2-1 coaching
  • 20 minute sessions
  • Daily content
  • Mindset training 
  • Weekly live Q&A 
  • Downloadable content
  • Daily content
  • Access to Trainers, nutritionists, life coaches 
  • Bonus
  • Cardio, Raverobics, Conditioning & Yoga sessions
Sign up for only £100
* Spaces limited
Meet the coaches

8 Week Lean has been helping busy people like you achieve their goals with minimal fuss and no B.S. 
We've seen it all and have helped thousands of people just like you achieve what they believe to be the un-achievable with evidence based nutrition, mindset training, amazing training sessions & steady progression using techniques we have picked we picked up during our military careers.  
Why should you trust us? 
We have been there! 
We have been all over the world and had to stay in shape with minimal kit or time. 
We have been in the deep, dark places of doubt!
Many times. 
But we have been taught/learnt ways to succeed. 
How to make it fun, enjoyable & easy
How to win the mindset war to create long term success. 
We have a proven track record.
We have had some of the hardest training around , We've had to fit our training to fit our environment and we have used this to create an effective plan which has helped people like you 

I've hand picked some of the best coaches around to help you succeed long term!
Coaches at the top of their game.
Coaches who have been there and done it. 
We have put ourselves in some of the toughest situations imaginable and understand how to get through to the other side. 
We understand mindset is key to success, We understand that building daily habits is the driver to achieving long term goals. 
We make success easy.

Because of our extensive knowledge in this area, We've given talks in a lot of companies,  routinely have police officers, Paramedics, Firefighters & Soldiers join 8 Week Lean.  
This method works for all and can work for you aswell!!  
It is Simple & effective

So let's look at the coaches of 8WL

Rob Taylor 
Ex-59 Commando, level 4 Strength & Conditioning coach, Nutritionist. 
Founder 8WL 

Dan Feasey
Ex-59 Commando, 
FdSc Strength Conditioning and Sports Coaching, 
BSc (Hons) top up in Rehab in Sport and Exercise
Physio Assistant at Exeter City Football Club

David Coles
Serving Sergeant Royal Marines Commando, PT, NLP Coach  Level 5 Coach & Mentor 

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8 Week Lean Nutritionist 

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8 Week Lean Chief Admin

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