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8 Week Evidence based nutrition course

8 week of energy building workouts in under 20 minutes!

Mindset training

Recipes & much more!

Lose fat and feel more confident with 8WL 
We help you unlock your huge potential and we work with you to build mental resilience while finding a sustainable way to change long term.

Karen's journey - Business owner and mum

'Enough was enough, I feel so much healthier and fitter' 

One size DOESN'T fit all 
With our evidence based approach 
We work with you individually to help you become the best version of yourself. 

8 Week Evidence based nutrition course

With our renowned evidence based nutrition course we will educate you upto the level of a world class nutritionist, so you understand everything you need to know in terms of nutrition to help you succeed for the long term!
With over 85 videos and in excess of 100 corresponding posts and info graphs sent to you daily inside the 8WL app.
No food is restricted or off limits!

Mindset training 

Work on your mindset daily with our mental resilience/strength posts to help deal with every day life and stress. 
Work daily to turn it into a progressive and growth mindset.


Every month over 40 new recipes are added into the private community for you to access.
All are calorie & macro counted so you can just plug in and play!
Tasty & enjoyable!
Everyone will Enjoy these.


Fun, energising workouts to help build a positive mindset and bod. 
Whether you are new or an experienced gym goer we have easy to follow workouts for you. 
What's better they fit within a busy life and all done in under 20 minutes

Helen - 'My mindset. It is strong and unwavering'

I started with 8 Week Lean in June 19 and will not leave it,
the sense of community that you get - massive support from people that you haven't actually met... I feel very fond of lots of the members like they are an extended family and are certainly amongst my closest friends, even though they are virtual
The coaches, Rob at the helm is a pocket rocket of determination, enthusiasm and motivation. He explains why you need to eat what you eat, and train how you do, and eradicates all the BS that comes from other weight loss and slimming groups (to name a few famous ones!)
There are other coaches who each bring their own blend of expertise, be it mindfulness, mobility or nutrition and they are also amazing.
There are live daily bootcamps, nutritional advice and coaching, recipes, body conditioning and yoga as well as workouts with bands as well as weights.
Rob is so approachable, non judgemental and has a wicked sense of humour - there is a lot of banter in the group.
I feel emotional writing this as I feel really proud to be a member of this great community and so want others to get out of it what I do. Its so reasonably priced and I am getting toned and losing cm all the time.
The best bit I save to the end though - my mindset. It is strong and unwavering, and has got me through lockdown proudly and in a much better place than I would have been otherwise.
I started the group because I wanted to lose weight, tone up, get fitter and it help me with my running.... but it has done so much more than that.... some of the crap that has been thrown at me during 2020 I was able to deal with in a markedly different way had it not been for 8WL. Join us, you won't regret it...

Laura - 'This is one of the biggest mental health boosters I think there can be.'

8 reasons why 8 Week Lean has been life changing for me.
1. It has given me back my energy. I can keep up with my children, whether it’s having a kitchen rave or a kick about in the park, I’m there.
 2. I look in the mirror and I’m happy with what I see. For a women of almost 40 this is one of the biggest mental health boosters I think there can be.
3. If I eat my body weight in cake one day and/or go a bit crazy on the wine I’m never made to feel bad. We just start again the next day.
4. My mindset has improved massively. 8WL has helped me navigate through some pretty tough times. The daily motivation and constant support is invaluable.
5. It’s flexible. It works around my life rather than the other way round. I have low and high calorie days depending on what I have planned.
6. I’m stronger. I can open my own jars and carry my own bags. I’m more mentally resilient too.
7. I don’t just know what to do to improve my health and nutrition. I know WHY I’m doing it.
8. I’m part of a mega community where no questions are off limits and no comments are silly. Rob and the other coaches are wonderful, they are down to earth and always there when you need a kick up the bum or some help and advice. I’ve made some great friends and always have a support network there when I need it.”

Michaela - 'Within the first four weeks i went from a size 18 to a size 12'

I had tried all sorts of quick fix weight loss programmes such as shakes, stupid gimmick tablets, tablets from the doctor , meat only diet and the pay weekly weigh in groups.
Nothing really worked, sure the odd time id lose a bit of weight but i ALWAYS gained it back and i ALWAYS felt sluggish and had no energy .On the surface i smiled and laughed but inside i was pretty miserable at been over weight and unfit.
I joined straight away within the first four weeks i went from a size 18 to a size 12 my habits had changed from been stuck on the couch to going out for walks, training 3 times a week and enjoying life.
I had more energy i was sleeping better and i was more positive than ever.
I absolutely love been part of 8weeklean this group has kept me slim toned and strong in mind aswell as body I'm now 44 and i am fitter than i was 20 years ago and that is all thanks to Rob and his amazing ability to support and teach... keep you laughing along the way.
This is not a fad quick fix diet this is a life long plan that will keep you winning and progressing... Personally ive never been happier than I am now and this is thanks to Rob and his 8weeklean.

Melissa - 'You will never regret starting this plan'

I have been part of #8weeklean for two years. I had tried every diet, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Rosemary Connelly, low carbs and even the Cabbage Soup Diet!
I did lose weight on all the diets but as soon as I stopped the weight piled on and years of yo yo dieting.
I found Robs group on Facebook and will always be thankful that I joined. In the first 10 weeks I lost 8kg and my body totally transformed. The best part is that 2 years on I have maintained the weight, this is what makes the group so different.
No food groups are restricted so I could still have chocolate, breads and alcohol as long as I stayed within my calories and protein so I never feel deprived
The transformation of my body shape I achieved with just 3 weighted work outs a week still amazes me.
The content and support Rob and the group offers is great value for money . The group is very real, we share our highs and lows and the banter with Rob is so refreshing. You will never regret starting this plan

Rach - '8WL gives you the tools to make huge lifestyle changes'

Being a mum of two I’d never quite shifted the baby weight! My mental health wasn’t the best & I prioritised looking after the kids, housework & working full time over making time for myself so in October 2018 I reached out to Rob for help.
I’d seen the group & seen the amazing results people where getting & I was so ready to make a change. My initial fears about not being able to stick to a diet & exercising were put to rest after a chat with Rob who reassured me & explained it’s about making small changes constantly over time rather than trying to do it all from day 1.
In my 8WL group I lost all of the excess weight & a bit more than my original goal & moved into the graduates group where I have maintained my progress for the past two years, this is absolutely not a fad diet or quick fix... 8WL gives you the tools to make huge lifestyle changes & for that I am eternally grateful!!
I’m fitter, healthier & most importantly happier than I ever have been. I actually look forward to training rather than dreading it (I was never a sporty person before 8WL came along) I don’t live my life on a constant diet & I still drink plenty of wine, have takeaways, chocolate & nothing is off limits.
What has changed is that I know how to balance my lifestyle rather than be a slave to it. I’ll never go back to the overweight, unhappy person I was! If your serious about making a change then sign up I promise you won’t look back.

Why choose 8WL? 

We are trusted by Soldiers, Emergency services, Business owners, Teachers, Mental health nurses, New mums & everyone who is time restricted.

  • Tired of feeling tired?
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  • Sick of the cycle of fad dieting? 
  • Want to become mentally stronger? 
  • Want to actually learn about nutrition and fitness?
  • Want someone to keep you accountable? 
  • Want to move freely with less aches and pains? 
  • Need a program which is quick, simple and really effective?
  • Want to feel like you again, while putting yourself first?
  • Ready to feel happier, more positive, energetic?

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Putting yourself first isn't SELFISH

Nobody is going to save you, you need to save yourself.
If you can't function you can't look after yourself or others how you would like to. 
With 8WL we help you prioritise yourself, 
To treat yourself like someone you look after! 
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* Spaces limited
Meet the coaches

It's time to cut through the crap, remove all the nonsense from the fitness industry and discover a plan that works...
I'm Rob Taylor, over the years I have helped thousands of people create the lifestyle and change they desire with short, simple and no nonsense lifestyle changes.
I spent 8 years with 59 Commando where I did two tours of Afghanistan.
Using all these techniques with training and mindset I help deliver massive results and changes with my clients.
Unlike a lot of other fitness 'gurus' I don't bullshit, I don't pull the wool over anyone's eyes, I give real and sustainable advice.
I say it how it is and I get results.
I left the forces and I was shocked when I walked into the gym and heard trainers telling busy people to do stupid amounts of exercise & ridiculous nutrition advice just to feel a bit better.
This is where the 8WL community was born.
Simple evidence based advice, sustainable training techniques and a lot of mental resilience training to help forge a fitter, stronger, heathier you.
I want to help you build a body that shows health, strength and confidence alongside a mindset that can handle everything that life throws it's way.
I want to help you to change your life for the better.
Become unstoppable with 8 Week Lean

Ex-59 Commando, 
FdSc Strength Conditioning and Sports Coaching, 
BSc (Hons) top up in Rehab in Sport and Exercise
Physio Assistant at Exeter City Football Club

Former Sergeant Royal Marines Commando, PT, NLP Coach  Level 5 Coach & Mentor 

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