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Join our online tribe of Fearless Warriors

We do the hard work.

We drive each other forward.

We work daily to achieve our goals!

Follow our 4 step process to be


Our Daily Live 15-20 Minute Workouts Will Have You Fighting FIT!

Dumbbell sessions that incorporate a mix of strength training, bodyweight movements, and sprints to create a full-body workout like no other.

Boost overall strength, endurance, and power. Push yourself to the limit and conquer obstacles, just like a true fearless warrior.

Combat sessions focussed on fighting movements, including punches, kicks, and cardio drills. Embrace your inner warrior as you push your limits and build your combat skills.

Improve agility, coordination, and cardiovascular. Build strength in your upper and lower body through striking techniques.

Forge yourself into a formidable force. These workouts merges endurance and conditioning with dumbbells. Embrace the challenge and unleash your warrior spirit as you conquer each set with unwavering determination.

Unleash your potential and ignite the fire within. Enhance your endurance, build lean muscle. Cultivate the mental fortitude of a true warrior.

THRIVE - Be Fighting Fit Every Day!

Transform your health and fitness, both physically and mentally. With our short Commando style workouts, which are a mixutre of resistance and cardio to supercharge your metabolism!

These are proven strategies used with thousands of clients so you'll thrive in all aspects of your life. Drop fat, have boundless energy, improved mental well-being, and an overall sense of vitality!

DRIVE - Unleash Your Inner Power!

We don't mess around!

We know what works and we know what works well!

There is strength in numbers, Our unmatched support and immense accountability will keep you on track and motivated every step of the way. Become the driving force behind your own success!

A fearless warrior holds themselves accountable to their team & has the integrity to follow through.

ACTION - Prioritise Results and Productivity!

Action always WINS!

A warrior understands the need for action, to help themselves and those around them.

We prioritise action, productivity and results.

We make success an easy option with our step by step guide to get sh*t done!

The more you act the better you feel!


This will improve all aspects of your life buisness, relationships, mentality & health.

RESILIENCE - Cultivate Mental Fortitude!

We are experts in forging unwavering resilience to conquer challenges!

Unlock your limitless potential and learn to conquer challenges, cultivate a positive mindset, and win in life!

In a world that often seeks instant gratification, we embrace the hard work and take the tougher road to create a better tomorrow.

Elevate your mental fortitude with our time-tested techniques.


I am Rob Taylor

I was a part of 59 Commando Squadron and served two tours in Afghanistan. We often hear about 'western diseases' like diabetes, depression, or anxiety, but the true obstacle that hinders us is our mindset and with Fearless Warrior we change this!

I've guided thousands of individuals to live a happier and more confident life!

Our no B.S. approach gets amazing long term results, which is backed by our immense accountability, a robust check-in system, and inclusive community that thrives on supporting one another.

We are experts at cultivating resilience and we focus on action first! stepping out of our comfort zones and embracing discomfort, This is where growth occurs. Topped off with our support, there are no limits to what you can achieve!

Don't settle for mediocrity when you can be a Fearless Warrior. Build physical strength, mental fortitude, and unshakable confidence!

Tranform yourself into a


✅ Be happy and feel less depressed
✅ Achieve optimal health and strength
✅ Build better relationships
✅ Increase your income and financial freedom
✅ Enhance your mental resilience and well-being
✅ Boost your energy levels and vitality
✅ Gain unshakable confidence and self-belief
✅ Increase success by over 95%

Fearless Warrior Coaching, is a lifestyle and a mindset that will revolutionise every aspect of your life.

Have a look what our warriors think!


Joining Rob's coaching community has been an incredible 4 1/2-year experience. I've gained invaluable knowledge on nutrition and fitness, but more importantly, I've discovered my true self.

Within months, I shed excess weight and boosted my confidence. Yet, the real transformation was overcoming my mental barriers and embracing self-trust. Inspired by Rob's coaching, I left my office job and became a successful self-employed dog walker, enjoying more freedom and income than ever before.

Since leaving the group, I've taken charge of my training, exploring new activities like boxercise, graduating from Couch to 5K, and embracing yoga. Trusting myself has led to immense confidence and gratitude towards the community for empowering my journey.

Ready for a life-changing transformation? Join us today and create the life you desire with Rob's Coaching Community!


5 years within this mega group! I honestly don’t know where I’d be now had I not had the education, encouragement, support and friendships.

This experience has massively changed my life, not just health wise but in all aspects, stronger mentally & physically, my relationships, business and money to name but a few!


I joined in April 23 on the recommendation of a friend and it’s the best decision I’ve made. This has been life changing for me and totally changed my mindset towards not only weight loss but getting stronger and investing in myself for the future . I have learned to create good habits and am now mindful of what I eat rather than starving myself then eating rubbish . I now enjoy working out and the way it makes me feel rather than it being a chore . Robs no nonsense approach has taught me to be accountable for my own actions and the community encourages and inspires you all the way . Thank you Rob and the team I look forward to continuing my journey


Rob says it how it is. No sweet talking but honest and helpful advice, tonnes of motivation and loads of encouragement to stick to your plan. This isn’t a miracle diet or promise of weight loss but help with your mindset, diet choices and exercise. It’s about using your time wisely to get the most out of your day, making smart choices, being accountable and I have to mention the fantastic encouragement to stick to your goals from the supportive online group. Highly recommend whatever your level and goals.

Join Fearless Warrior Coaching today and experience the transformative power of our coaching community.

We've been told it's too cheap, but we believe everyone should have access to top-quality coaching that can change their lives.

Take the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself. Your success is our top priority, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

🔥 Don't settle for mediocrity when you can have extraordinary. It's time to unleash your full potential, break free from the chains of average, and create a life that exceeds your wildest dreams. Act now and join our thriving community of high achievers.

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What are the workouts?

The workouts are a mixture of dumbells & bodyweight, we also have banded workouts & yoga.

They are focussed around the principle of progressive overload.

So in turn we just aim to become a bit better over time, this helps to build and create more muscle.

Do I need to do them live?

No, you can do the workouts in a time that suits you.

All are backlogged so you can just click on them and follow along at a time that suits you.

Do I need to follow specific diet?

All 'diets' work, we don't follow fads or only have one way.

We provide all the information for you to decide which way may be the best for you at that time.

While you're moaning, others are creating!

Create your success NOW!

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