Before I met Rob I was fairly active, I did regular gym classes and cooked most of my meals from fresh, so I did not understand why my weight was gradually creeping up.I blamed my bloated tummy on the fact that I'd had two caesareans and I thought that putting on weight was just a result of getting older.Very soon after I started 8 Week Lean I realised that I had infact been in denial! I discovered I was eating around double the calories per day that I required, plus I was drinking alcohol most nights.I also realised that on the days I did exercise I would then have a treat or two in the evening as I felt as though I deserved it which was pointless as it was cancelling out my hard work.I also became aware that I was often eating when I wasn't hungry and my portion sizes were way too big.I've been working with Rob since June and I have now hit my target weight. I am in complete control of my eating and no longer have to track my calories.I feel so much better both physically and mentally and have loads more energy whilst consuming much less food!Laura UK

I joined Rob Taylor’s 8 Week Lean Following the birth of my second child 6 months earlier my baby weight had plateaued and I wasn’t losing the weight naturally like I did with my first.I was also eager to get fit again and Rob’s promise of a 20 minute workout 3 times a week seemed ideal for fitting around being a busy mum. I was still breast feeding at the time so I couldn’t drop my calories but with the exercise alone it was enough for me to start losing weight.The group gave me a focus and a lifeline to the outside world at a time when I felt quite isolated adjusting to life as a full time mum after being made redundant. In hindsight I wish I had joined sooner. I loved the support and banter I got from the other ladies in my group.My results are better than I imagined they could be, I’m not only slimmer than I was pre baby but I also look leaner and fitter, I even love my legs now which I never have before!

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